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The DEIB journey requires the continual building of knowledge and assessment.  Education must be strategic, relevant, and practical.  Courses should be adaptable and engaging, providing a learning experience that encourages more exploration.

We offer customized training to support every need of your organization as it promotes "growth mindset" for individual employees, managers, and your DEI professionals.    

Training can be delivered in-person or virtually, to groups of any size.  Training courses are typically between 1.5 - 6 hours, depending on your customized needs.  We can also support your e-Learning needs.

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Our Education Services include:

  • Customized DEI Course Delivery

  • Educational Strategic Planning

  • Coaching & Development

  • Train-the-Trainer Opportunities

Course Topics

Select one or more topics for a customized training to meet your team's needs.  

General Topics | Suitable for beginner learners or quick refreshers.  

Advanced Topics | Suitable for intermediate to advanced learner who want to take a deeper or more structured dive into concepts.  

Compliance Topics | Suitable for annual compliance training tailored to staff, management, and HR/Legal Teams.

HR & Management Topics | Suitable for organizational leaders looking to operationalization DEI in practice.

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